Katie ~ Living With Chronic Migraines ~ Migraine.com

Meet my bluestocking heroine, Katie. She’s incredibly beautiful, highly intelligent, successful, sweet, and has a set of pipes that elicits invitations to sing at national baseball games.  She also lives with an almost constant pain that no one can see. Katie is a woman living with chronic migraines. Katie also has an indomitable will and […] Read more…

Santa Barbara on booksandbodkins.com.6

Ten Things To Do In Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains and serves as the perfect weekend getaway. It’s situated about ninety minutes north of Los Angeles and delights visitors with its gorgeous coastline, plentiful palm trees, red tile rooftops, and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Here are ten things to do in Santa […] Read more…


The Perfect Wedding Gift ~ Forever Figurines

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be tough. I mean, sure, registries help and cash is always welcome. But how to find a memento that is totally unique and unexpected? Enter doll-maker Lindsey Andersen of Forever Figurines. Lindsey makes hand-crafted statuettes to commemorate any special occasion (or no occasion – these dolls are rad, who […] Read more…

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